Don Quixote

.Here’s a nameless letter from a faceless woman

..No greetings and no introduction

No first person and no third person, but just a missing person.

.. Only now I come to know how bitter the winter is
.. When you leave

.. How hard  the rain is.. falling down on me

Without your coat on my shoulders

.It is raining inside of me

.While I Walk down the road where you left me

.. And the tide of memories rises

.Only now I come to know how cold a winter can be .. When you leave

.I’ll blame the winter sir, for there is nothing in me that could blame you

How can I blame you for leaving

.With no farewell

..  you took your leave of absence sir

.. Or were you absent before you left

.No sir, nothing in me can blame you

I saw every face in your face

.. Save for the face of this hard winter

Spring buds are so far away

.Nothing blooms in this bitter winter

Not even my longing that dies without prayers ..

.When you leave me sir

I am defeated

.. And Don Quixote fights only the emptiness

(translated by Rime)

هذا المنشور نشر في English. حفظ الرابط الثابت.

One Response to Don Quixote

  1. نخنشه كتب:

    مات أبي وأين أنا….. تحياتي.

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