East and west

..On those mornings without you

..I hate the sun for rising in the east

..And still, the sun rises in the east

..On those mornings without you

.I wake up looking for you between my white sheets

..Looking for your shadow behind my eyes

..in the midst of the strands of hair spread all over my shoulders

.I look for you between the sheets

.I look for you under my pillow

.I look for you over my pillow

?Did I dream

..?Did you visit me in my sleep

.in the black stains of my makeup smeared over my nightgown

..Where the memories run over my pillow

..over my breasts

..over all the roses that fill the distance between you and I

the coffee is getting cold

..I get up

..carrying the weight of all the longings

and the sun still rises in the east

?Did I dream

..Did you visit me in my sleep

..Since you decided to start your journey

without carrying a map

..the old map of our love’s own universe, the one  that we shaped together

..created the landscapes, the hills and the mountains together

.we traced the rivers together without any God’s permission

..since the day you left

..I started to reinvent the landscapes of my world

.wishing for the sun to rise west

But the sun kept rising east … your east

Every beginning is in the east

..They taught us as kids that our world is one

no east and no west

I was good with my geography

till the day I met you

..and your eyes taught me another

..in you Atlas sir, all the world is east

..all the longing is east

all the battles are east

..all the troupes come from the east, and wage their wars in the east

..all the slaves are from the east

..and all the saints are from the east

you didn’t  hear about our saints my sir

No sir, and you never looked west

..the borders of you kingdom, sir, never went beyond the middle east and the far east

No sir, and you never heard the tales of conquests in our land

you never knew the name of Andalusia’s conqueror

.but by heart, you know the name of its taker.. in the west that you ignore, my sir

Drink your coffee first then look into mine

yes sir, in our west, we are addicted to coffee and the love of men

..we write our conquests and abdications on the walls of our cities

..cities that saw you conqueror

..In our cities that you call west

..we write poems in our proud language

the language of our common heart

..we write then on our walls

.we teach them to our children

.so they master all the acts of love

..so they know all the faces of love

.so they would never be loveless

(translated by Rime)

هذا المنشور نشر في English. حفظ الرابط الثابت.

One Response to East and west

  1. Dima Khatib كتب:

    Beautifully written and beautifully translated by two beautiful Arab ladies. Thank you

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