..how easy it would have been for me not to say anything

..how easy it would have been for me to disappear and for my words to fadeaway

..I could have chosen anything but the admission so you would know who I am

..you could have been  that man, the once in a lifetime man

..I could have been that woman, the once in a lifetime woman

..each one of us was playing an unmistakable tune

.each one of us is trying to confess in an unfathomable language

?Did we understand any of it

I hope we did

what I write is nothing of a nonsense

..I write is verses of wisdom sung to the heart of the night

what I write is not driven by desire nor by love

what I write is driven by a consciousness ablaze with love and desire

How I wish for the song between us to never end

..I would break my bones to wish it hard enough

I’ve loved  you for a long time.. from other  times .. in another life

And when I’ve come to this life and found you.. I’ve loved you all over again

..That is the story of my life

..Every coming fall reminds me of you

..Every ending fall takes me back to you

..And I was happy because you came

..without a promise of rain you came

.. And you said.. and you said .. and you stayed

..And I was still waiting for the rain

…And I was praying for the rain

..And when it didn’t come, I made my love into drops of rain .. and let it wash over you

..How easy it would be for my word to be lost

Every time I write to you is like the first time

?Would you understand? Would ever feel? Would you see

… My words

.And my prayers in the fall

..I rewrite my prayers every fall

With love deeper than the deepest starless night

..And I await you every fall

…And I still do

(Translated by Rime)

هذا المنشور نشر في English. حفظ الرابط الثابت.

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