Wait for her

.My words are tired
Would they get to you?
..When you’ll open my letter
?Would your fingers touch mine

Your presence lingers here
.Across the ocean
.. Look
See how my words are running from me
To you
Dragging my heart
..Dragging my soul
.And on this eastern starry night
,I look to the western ocean and smile
..To those ships sailing west
Carrying my soul across the Atlantic
While I stand on a southern shore of an ..eastern sea
..My soul travels without me

.I open your letter
.Kiss your fingertips between the words
And I long for the ships
Sailing across the ocean
Across the surface of my heart
.That is only yours
Deeper than the Atlantic

..I smell your letter
.Inhale your scent
Feel the touch of your lines
A never written music
..Ancient poetry
..And shivers
Jump from the paper
..Right into my chest
So they can build a place for you
Within me
.An altar within my chest
.For you
Where they light up all my words for you.
And burn all my letters.
The moon shies and hides into the ocean.

At you altar. All my words are sacrificed.
All my letters are burnt.
Only your alphabet remains
Rewriting all the names of love.

Fingers to fingers ..
Letter to letter, we touch.
And between the lines, we hold hands.
Your words write themselves on my lips ..
Through my hair
On my bare skin
And all the forgotten music comes from your west ..
From the depth of your Atlantic
All the words dance in your altar blessing our love ..
As they whisper ..
Wait for her ..

هذا المنشور نشر في English. حفظ الرابط الثابت.

2 Responses to Wait for her

  1. drleebaker كتب:

    Hi Wajd. I wrote something about the arab world and i would happy if you read it and tell me your opinion. thank you

  2. > Hi,
    My name is Kaouthar Darmoni, I am Tunisian, I work as assistant professor and researcher at the university of Amsterdam.
    > I am making a research about Social Media and Arab R-Evolutions. I am at the moment focussed on twitter and blogs. I would love to interview you. That would be wonderful. Can I skype you?
    > My skype is my full name: kaouthardarmoni
    > Waiting impatiently for your answer,
    > Kaouthar Darmoni
    > PS. I would be very thankful if you could answer me soon. it’s quite urgent.

    je dirige en ce moment un projet de recherche sur Social Media and Arab R-Evolutions.
    j’aimerais faire une interview avec toi. est-ce possible stp?

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