About the little things (by Rime)

Can I tell you…

About little things.. those unspoken things that live inside us and would take from us our last breath.

About those things we swear fealty too, and those we would betray without a second thought..

About the little things that walk with us that we hold on to, we shine and admire, then throw away before they discard us.

Can I tell you..

About the first kiss, the first fire, the first touch, the first shiver.. and other things we just don’t name.

About those memories that we can’t properly recall, that we bury in the depth of our sorrow, hoping that one day the pain might make us dig them up.

Can I tell you..

About the drifting sand inside our emptiness turning our tears into a wide desert where dreams could be buried and forgotten.

About the borders that we carry within the folds of our hearts, that we call home, before we exchange them for new borders and a new identity.

About those grains of salt we threw behind our backs hoping that we might one day return home. Those grains of salts that ended up in our wounds searing them anew with every rainy parting.

Can I tell you ..

About those forgotten bridges we once swore to cross, but halfway we stopped, breathless and bored.

About those little gifts, colorful scarves, pearls and poetry, and a perfume bottle, little drops of hope growing within.

Can I tell you..

About those words of love that were once whispered in our ears to invade our hearts and leave us hungry, unfulfilled, incomplete, pleading .. “I finally found you .. don’t go..”

About those lies, those impossible dreams we invented, like a dream of a revolution blown by bullets and cold pavements.

Can I tell you..

About those little victories about those mountains we’ve climbed, only to fall over the cliff of backstabs.

About those things that live and grow with us that we can’t buy but we shamelessly sold..

About the things that were the best in us, that are now scattered to the winds of fear and defeat.

Can I tell you.. how can I tell you .. why would I tell you ..

But we cannot afford to dream…

هذا المنشور نشر في اشياء عربية. حفظ الرابط الثابت.

2 Responses to About the little things (by Rime)

  1. wissam كتب:

    i added u
    this is my blog to add

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